Thursday, October 1, 2015

Olivia + Jace: Inside Their Engagement

Who doesn't love a good old fashion love at first sight story? A story where all of the stars align the moment two sets of eyes meet... 

Well, it was the definition of love at first sight when Jace caught a glimpse of Olivia in the hotel lobby at Green Valley Ranch Resort & Spa. (Fast forward a few years... who knew this adorable couple would choose GVR as the location for their wedding reception!)  

Jace was experiencing an unusually slow day at work until he spotted a beautiful blonde girl from across the lobby. She walked directly up to him at the front desk and asked to speak with his manager. This could mean only one thing... this knockout was there for an interview! As Jace's instincts were correct, Olivia was there for an interview, and he immediately sprung into action by emailing his manager explaining that she better hire this babe or else he's quitting! 

If you've ever had an opportunity to meet Olivia, you know that she completely killed the interview because of her warm, welcoming and bubbly personality! Luckily for Jace, she was hired on the spot! Jace was practically doing cartwheels behind the front desk, until he learned they would have opposite shifts.  After weeks of planning and great anticipation, Jace finally found the right moment (and courage) to ask Olivia on a date.
Jace and Olivia's first date was a glorious morning hike in Red Rock Canyon followed by hours of talking at a nearby coffee shop. That night, Jace called his buddy and said, "I know this is going to sound crazy, but I'm for sure going to marry this girl!" 

After about a year and a half of dating, Jace knew he didn't want to wait any longer. He started saving a little money each month and then finally he and his parents went on a shopping expedition for the perfect engagement ring.   

It was Fourth of July weekend and Olivia & Jace decided to take a trip to visit Olivia's cousins in Huntington Beach, California. After a fun day in the sun, the couple selected a primo position on the beach to watch fireworks.  Right before they were about to kick off, Jace got down on one knee and asked Olivia to be his wife. It took her a few minutes to fight back all of the tears and excitement, until she finally said, "YES!" 

I get a little choked up thinking of Jace & Olivia's wedding, because I happen to call these love birds my best friends. Jace & Olivia are the power couple you want in your life to give you the best relationship advice, to guide you through life struggles and to love you unconditionally. They take everyone in with loving arms and make them feel like family. It is hard for me to express in words how incredibly honored I am to plan their BIG day in April. 

Thank you Jodi from J. Anne Photography for their stunning engagement photos! 

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