Saturday, December 12, 2015

Kelly + Brandynn: Inside Their Engagement

Don't we all wish for a love story that lasts a lifetime? Well, if you meet your forever love at 13, like Kelly and Brandynn, then that is exactly what happens. 

Kelly and Brandynn first met on the soccer fields of Las Vegas, NV when they were just 13 years old.  They reconnected in the spring of 2010 (while watching a soccer game) and have been inseparable ever since.

Fast forward four years to the spring of 2014, Brandynn had secretly been designing an engagement ring with his jeweler and was devising a plan to propose to Kelly later that year on their favorite California Beach in front of their closest friends.  Or so he thought…

It was the morning of May 23, 2014 when Brandynn received a call from his jeweler letting him know the ring was finally finished. He was ecstatic; he finally had the one thing that would turn Kelly from girlfriend to fiancĂ©e. 

Later that evening, Kelly and Brandynn were headed to dinner with Kelly’s entire family to celebrate the birthdays of her two brothers and the recent marriage of her eldest brother, John and his new wife, Lisa. It also happened to be Kelly and Brandynn’s four-year anniversary.

They showed up to the dinner and greeted the entire family. Kelly’s Aunt ran right up to Brandynn to give him a kiss and whispered in his ear “Did you bring it?!” Brandynn had no intention of proposing that night so casually replied “No, no Auntie”. Kelly’s Aunt was very adamant that Brandynn propose that night because most of Kelly’s family was together and she felt it was the perfect setting. After much deliberating, he sent Kelly’s brother on an errand to fetch the engagement ring. 

Meanwhile, Kelly had no idea what was going on. Her brother fed her the typical “My girlfriend’s dogs got out of the house” excuse and well, she believed it. She claims it happened the weekend before so that’s why it was so believable. On top of that, she completely overlooked the next 3 hours of Brandynn in silence, not eating, downing beers, disappearing throughout dinner, and his mild nervous breakdown that was happening just 4 inches to her right. 

As dinner, dessert and drinks were coming to a close, somebody had mentioned they were all going around the table to say something nice about the two Newlyweds. While Kelly had no intention of making any speech, Brandynn stood up to say a few words!  Kelly realized that this was really out of Brandynn’s norm and immediately began to get uncomfortable - although still completely clueless of what was to come - and was grabbing Brandynn to sit down. Brandynn ignored Kelly’s request and continued speaking. It wasn’t until about 7 seconds into the speech and a stealthy reach into his pocket, that Kelly, FINALLY, realized what was going on and began to feel the same pre-proposal nervousness Brandynn felt moments before. She blacked out and couldn’t remember anything he said, or if he even got on one knee. Once the sweetest speech of their lives came to an end and he popped the question, Kelly without a doubt said YES! 

Luckily, the entire moment was caught on video and Kelly was able to relive the moment and see that Brandynn did indeed get down on one knee to put a ring on it!

Although the California beach played no role in Brandynn’s proposal to Kelly, it did indeed turn out to be the perfect setting surrounded by the people they love the most!

We're so excited to play a small role in Kelly & Brandynn's Big day which is quickly approaching mid-January!

Thank you to Britt Hanson of BLR Life Photography for their beautiful engagement photos!