Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Irene & Cameron - Inside Their Engagement

It was a beautiful day on the beaches of Cyrpus where Cam joined Irene's family on what was a traditional family trip to the Meditteranean. The morning was spent swimming in the turquoise waters and enjoying the warm sunshine but the afternoon was scheduled for something that Irene would never forget.

Cam suggested that he & Irene go for a walk down the beach before lunch. Irene was against the idea since the beach is covered in tiny, beautiful pebbles that weren't so fun to walk on in bare feet. After a mini tantrum, Irene agrees to go on a walk with her soon-to-be fiance.

They begin their walk, when Irene sees a message in a bottle poking out of the sand. Curious Irene picks up the bottle and starts to skim over the note... yes SKIM over a wonderful heartfelt note from her darling Cameron. As she's reading over it, in her head she's thinking this is his way of saying thank you for such an amazing trip and I love you, but i'm not ready to get engaged and in her own words, "...and blah blah blah." Rolling the note back up, she gives Cameron a big hug and says thank you and then turns to continue their walk unenthusiastically. Cam, confused, says "Did you even read the note? Read it OUT LOUD."

So she reads it again, out loud as Cameron requested, and next thing you know Cameron is down on one knee with the most gorgeous, sparkling diamond ring. Filled with emotions, Irene falls to her knees crying and hugging Cameron with a tearful, "YES." 

What Irene thought would be a painful walk, turned into one of the most memorable walks of her life, ending in a beautiful champagne lunch celebrated with her family and fiance.

Thank you to the very talented Baylee Jo Designs for capturing their stunning engagement photos! We can't wait to be a part of their BIG day in June!

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